Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Base Enum Properties

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The following table describes the properties available for enums.

PropertyDescriptionNew in this version of

Microsoft Dynamics AX
AnalysisUsage(分析用途)标明枚举在 cube 中的作用. 这个设置时自动传播到所有表中引用该枚举的字段. Specify one of the following values.

Attribute – 引用枚举的字段是一个维度属性. None – 引用枚举的字段不是一个维度属性.
ConfigurationKeySets the configuration key.
CountryRegionCodesSpecifies the country region code(s) where the view is applicable or valid. 客户端和应用程序用这个属性来启用或禁用国家或区域特性. This is implemented as a comma-separated list of ISO country codes in a single string. The values must match data contained in the global address book.AX 2012
DisplayLengthSets the number of characters displayed.Default value is Auto .
Help为字段创建一个帮助字符串. 当该字段用在窗体上时,显示帮助字符串.
LabelSpecifies a label that will be shown in forms and reports.
ModelSpecifies which model the table is in.模型是层中元素的逻辑分组. 一个元素可以存在于一个层中的一个恰当的分组. 元素可以是一个表或类. The same element can exist in a customized version in a model in a higher layer.AX 2012
NameSpecifies the enum name.枚举的名字必须表明可能的枚举值或值类型.比如根据可能的值命名 InclExcl and NextPrevious .

比如根据枚举的值类型命名 ArrivalPostingType and ListStatus .
Style改变枚举的默认显示. The options are as follows:

Combo box Radio button
UseEnumValue该属性若设为 Yes 表明默认 EnumValue 属性被修改 . 将该属性设为 No 可以重设 EnumValue 属性 .

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